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On the Amazon Fam Trip I met Cesar Isaza, the owner of the Almejal Lodge in Bahia Solano/Choco on the Northern Colombian Pacific coast.
In Bahia Solano we find the same ecosystem and characteristics like in Nuqui (see previous Travel Report). Its very humide and it 
rains daily. Currently the Choco is considered the most humide place on earth, in some parts rainfall gets up to 9000mm per year. 
Average temperature is about 25 degree celsius.

How to get there: International flight to Medellin Jose Maria Cordoba and connection flight with Satena Airlines from Medellins National Airport Olaya Herrera to Bahia Solano Airport.

Its just amazing, 1 hour flight and you get to a part of Colombia that seems like a mix of Amazon Rainforest and Africa. The ethnics are black and indians. In the village they live peacefully together and with the kayaks you may get to indigenous tribes deeper in the forest.

It might not be the perfect place lay down in the sun, but it is a really great place for ecoturism.

Every day there is another activity:

- hiking with expert guides, explaining you the wonders of the rainforest, the thousand ways plants and animals adapt to the special conditions of the different environments
-kayaking through the manglar rivers
-excursion to the Utria Nationalpark with posibility of an amazing 
4 hours walk throught the rainforest
-vistit to waterfalls with clean water
-canopy, you are on the top of the forest, what a view!    
El Almejal was the first place we visited providing real ecoturism. Scientific information, turtle protection 
programs, comunity integration etc.
The guides are well trained and cesar is an absolut crack in birdspecies.

On the hiking from Utria to the Lodge,  I could observe poisened dart 
frogs, tucans, parrots, sloth, mantis and orchideas.

Its interesting to visit the local villages and comunities. They live with few resources and soustaina
ble tourism is very important to provide other income sources than hunting turtles and cutting the trees.

So I just  can recomend Bahia Solano for everybody loving Nature and searching for unspoiled places on this planet.

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Earl John dijo...

This is a nice place for a vacation because of great climate, lots of tourist attraction and one thing that i like most is their rainforest. Thanks for sharing this post and hope to witness the beauty of the place specially their rainforest.

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